Why Choose IVitamin

Why Choose IVitamin?

Our vitamins and minerals, once plentiful in the food supply, have been diminishing over the years as manufacturing processes have evolved and farming has reacted to financial pressures. Many nutritional experts agree that even if one were to eat 100% raw and organic fruits and vegetables, picked and eaten same-day straight from farmland, one would have to consume 8-12 times the amount of produce to absorb what much of the foodstuffs contained decades ago. Today, our breads and cereals have been almost completely depleted of vitamins and minerals. Manufacturers “fortify” their product with a few vitamins and minerals in a feeble attempt to placate the US Government who back in 1942 mandated niacinamide and other nutrients be added back to white flour in attempt to decrease pellagra and schizophrenia.

We cannot rely on foodstuffs to provide us with the spectrum of micronutrients necessary to provide optimum health and we never could. For more than 100 years it has been known that one could not be well on food that provided only protein, carbohydrate and fats. It was known that if iodine was lacking in the diet it would cause exophthalmic goiter and for that reason iodide was added to salt. This finding led to increased efforts by scientists investigating other deficiency related disease states and the discovery of “vital amines” and other micronutrients essential to life and healthy living.

iVitamin Science is the first multivitamin/multimineral company designed to address not only supplementation, but responsible replenishment of micronutrients based on a proprietary algorithm that utilizes state of the art science to determine individualized vitamin formulations. The custom formulation we produce is so precise that it changes with you as you move through the seasons. We know vitamin D is made in the skin after exposure to sunlight, and deficiencies can become particularly pronounced in people who wear sunscreen all the time or live above 40 degrees latitude (the latitude of Denver, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia), where the winter sunlight isn’t strong enough to enable you to produce enough vitamin D. Therefore if your address falls above the line, and it is winter, your MVM capsules will contain a significantly higher amount of this and other important nutrients. Because we know exactly what your cells request, we can safely replenish your deficiencies with precision and don’t utilize the “shotgun” approach that other vitamin makers utilize. Here at IVitamin Science we want your body to have just what it needs, and avoid making your liver metabolize and excrete expensive waste. Save your liver and your cash, and regain your sense of comfort in knowing you are providing the substrates for a healthier future.

Our formulations don’t just focus on Vitamin D or a single nutrient. We study all 13 vitamins and 18 minerals that are necessary for your body to perform optimally. We also measure your overall antioxidant level and have a proprietary blend of tropical fruit concentrate along with vitamin compliments that we can add to bolster your ability to fight free radicals and remain healthy. If you have success with additional supplements we can add that to your capsules to simplify your life, and improve compliance and ensure quality. We work with you to achieve the ultimate in micronutrient health through custom, hand-crafted multivitamins and minerals delivered neatly right to your doorstep every three months. We will recheck your laboratory work every six months to determine your needs and to ensure that you have the full compliment of restoration your body deserves. iVitamin Science™ stands alone at the top of the micronutrient industry as the premier provider of customized multivitamin and minerals based on determinants of health, seasonal demands, lifestyle requirements, health expectations, and cellular functional deficit.