The iVitamin Science Program: A Bold New Approach

Every person differs in their ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients. Tests that are based on measuring static levels in serum, saliva, skin, urine or hair, are not sufficient to determine your true nutritional needs and are, at best, a “snapshot” of your nutrient levels at a given moment. The iVitamin Science™ Program is a bold new approach to vitamin and mineral supplementation. A personalized formula that changes as your nutritional needs change. Your body gets all of what it needs and none of what it doesn’t. The iVitamin Science™ Program utilizes a patented Functional Intracellular Analysis which measures vitamin and mineral deficiencies and total antioxidant functions at the cellular level. This is the only test that provides specific deficiencies and excesses of individual vitamins and minerals. Now, nutritional deficiencies can be precisely detected before they contribute to health problems.

Are all "Custom" Vitamins Really Custom made?

Without specific data showing your true surpluses and deficiences, many custom supplement makers will simply provide pre-made vitamins packaged together as a "custom formula".

How Do you Know What Nutrients You Need?

We all differ in our ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients, so tests based on static levels in serum, saliva, skin, urine or hair, are insufficient for determining your true needs.