The Program

The Program

iVitamin Science™ is nothing short of a revolution in multivitamin science. Since nutrient requirements vary widely from individual to individual, iVitamin Science™ combines a proprietary Health Survey with state-of-the-art Cellular Function Blood Testing to create a multivitamin designed to meet your specific needs. A personalized formula that changes as your nutritional needs change.

Our health survey gathers data that impacts the precise formula of nutrients needed to maximize your health. We analyze complex demographics including, among other factors, geographic and seasonal variations, medical and pharmaceutical status, activity levels and lifestyle.

In addition, we perform our patented, Functional Intracellular Analysis (FIA™) blood test to determine your exact nutritional requirements at the cellular level. Your body gets all of what it needs and none of what it doesn’t. iVitamin Science™ is the only vitamin/mineral supplement in the world to do this

Getting Started

We start with your Health History Questionnaire, followed by your initial lab test. Based on these results, we create your unique vitamin & mineral prescription, delivered to your door every 6 months. We recheck your blood work and review your health history, biannually, to fine-tune your formula and ensure you’re getting the restorative micronutrients your body needs; all the ingredients you need to live the healthy life you have always dreamed of.