FIA Cellular Analysis

Cellular Analysis

Since each person differs in his/her ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients, tests that are based on measuring static levels in serum, saliva, skin, urine or hair, are insufficient for determining your true nutritional needs. Fancy lasers, hair sampling, or urinalysis are, at best, a useless “snapshot” of your nutrient levels at a given moment. Without real data showing your true deficiencies, many companies simply provide pre-made vitamins packaged together as a “custom formula,” while others offer the same vitamin no matter what your “test” results show.

In contrast, iVitamin Science™ utilizes a patented Functional Intracellular Analysis (FIA™) blood test which measures vitamin and mineral deficiencies and total antioxidant functions at the cellular level. The only test of its kind, FIA™ actually measures the DNA synthesis in your white blood cells. In addition, we provide a total antioxidant function test which measures your cells’ ability to resist damage caused by free radicals and other forms of oxidative stress. It was once impossible to determine how vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants actually function within our white blood cells. Now, nutritional deficiencies can be precisely detected before they contribute to health problems.